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Video surveillance – one of the main and most effective types of security among technical facilities with a wide spectrum of realized opportunities: there is non-stop and around the clock monitoring of protected areas, the detection of traffic in controlled areas, accumulation of information on any given event, automatic recognition and comparison of recorded information with archived information, and etc.. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are an integral part of the modern home, where they provide a sense of security, convenience and comfort inside. They can also be of use for an office security service, expanding on capabilities and increasing protection reliability, as well as collect important analytical information. In terms of cameras, choosing their number and position is key, as is the correspondence of the camera lenses’ characteristics to the light and dynamic planes of the area at which they are directed.

To work in special conditions cameras can be equipped with additional devices (for example, 24-hour surveillance cameras may have infrared illumination). When choosing the position of the cameras, there should be no “blind spots”. It is also desirable to provide some overlapping among viewed areas with neighboring cameras. It may be desirable to integrate the video surveillance system with other security systems.

A standard video surveillance system set includes:

  • Cameras (analog or digital)

  • Video recorders (analog or digital)

I present a wide range of reliable video cameras, developed with the latest components, produced by the most famous and reliable of manufacturers (including Hikvision, Dahua, Flir, Eyeonet, and etc.). This selection will allow you to create a reliable video surveillance system suited for all types of light and climate.