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Home Theater

Home theaters are designed to project high-quality images with maximum visual “presence effect”, paired with high-quality sound speakers to ensure realistic noise levels. Usually the home theater consists of a special acoustically-prepared room, a large screen and an all-around sound system. For additional effect, room sound preparation can be made, provided by using special sound-absorbing ceilings, walls and floor covers, as well as reflective surfaces. A screen, plasma panels, projection TVs and video projectors are used. The sound system consists of specially selected speakers, a processor and a receiver.

Speakers consist of:

– the central channel (used for dialog transmission);
– front system (used for realistic sound display concerning moving objects);
– surround sound system (for the greatest “sound propagation” effect);
– rear sound system (used to create “ambient sound”);
– Subwoofer (used to reproduce bass sound within the range of 20 to 100 Hz, which is not perceived by hearing, but creates noticeable vibration).

Audio and video source:

All audio or video sources are connected to the AV receiver. The source of audio and video signals can be DVD, CD, TV / FM / SAT Tuner, game consoles (such as PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, IPtv), and various IP services (such as NETFLIX, YouTube, ChromCast etc). The receiver allows you to select a particular source, turn on the desired recording, set the desired volume, and tune any other necessary settings for your desired transmission.