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If you have a busy lifestyle, want to avoid unnecessary household issues and wish to integrate the latest technology into your daily routine, Smart Home is the best choice! Thanks to Smart Home you can control not only every square meter of your home, but also its surrounding territory – even from a distance. Not only is it a reliable guard, but also a faithful assistant who will make your life more comfortable.

The description of Home Automation or Smart Home systems depend on the specific types of technology used. In general, Smart House is a complex, wide array of various devices that are responsible for the complete automation of the usual household processes (such as raising blinds, adjusting lighting, thermostat control, the operation of audio and video equipment, etc.)

For intelligent control, special computer programs, sensors, micro-controllers and other devices are used.


  1. To monitor the operation of various systems, thus decreasing utility costs. For example, in hotels or other public places automatic sliding doors, light sensors, etc. are installed, which contribute to energy saving as well as provide a high level of comfort.
  2. To increase the level of security. In the homeowner’s absence, a centralized video surveillance system is active, fire safety alarms are automatically turned on, and these devices monitor the premises and its court.
  3. Maintain full control of the house, even during long periods of time away from home. This function is very important to this technology, aiding those who are often off at business trips. With the help of automation you are notified of any incident occurring within your house when you are not present.