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Custom Wiring

Modern technologies make life comfortable and safe with how useful resources are expended. There are different methods of communication between different devices within the home. Widely used wireless connections greatly facilitate our lives, but nevertheless have a number of significant drawbacks. For example, a number of devices require self-contained power, or a permanent connection to household electrical networks. Stand-alone power supplies require constant maintenance and replacement. Because of the large quantity of wireless networks, there are problems in sustaining stable communication (often due to electromagnetic intrusions).

To solve these problems, I propose an individual approach to the installation of low-voltage cables. Depending on the needs of the customer, I suggest wiring cables for various purposes:

– acoustic systems;

– home alarm systems;

– television broadcasting systems;

– video surveillance systems;

– local computer network systems;

– telephone systems;

– control systems for low-voltage electrical appliances (thermostats, all kinds of sensors, automatic blinds, locks, etc.).