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One pressing issue plaguing us today is aiming to ensuring total security of our personal property. Security systems are installed not only in industrial, strategically important facilities or in offices, but rather complex alarms are widely used in private homes and apartments. During these modern times there are many specialized companies that provide services in the design and installation of said protective features. Security systems are a set of technical (hardware) tools that allow the owner of the property to discover and be notified of any signs of illegal penetration in a timely manner. As a rule, this type of system is often equipped with a burglar alarm. The systems are favored due to their low cost and efficient function. Modern security systems are designed to immediately respond to the occurrence of an abnormal situation. Said situation can pinpointed via various means; The sensors are used to detect attempts of unauthorized penetration within the protected perimeter. The control panel receives, processes and sends information. Systems may be upgraded and directed to a monitoring company, as well as be used privately.